All About Scott

I am extremely passionate about helping people. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone become much happier than they were a few months previous.

Grief touches all of us, I have had my fair share. As a child, parents splitting up at a young age, moving house on numerous occasions, my mother having a nervous breakdown, losing my grandparents, losing friends and family to Leukaemia/cancer, sports injuries, divorce, job loss and many more losses.

These life changing events can, if untreated, cause devastation to families.

I have recently dealt with a very emotional event in my life, I was grieving for a long time and found after using the Grief Recovery Method I became free of the heartache I was experiencing.

I am particularly passionate about getting men to talk about their emotions. Men don’t usually like to talk openly for fear of appearing weak. There are approx 6500 suicides every year of which over 4000 are men. This is really quite alarming and clearly related to bottling up emotions, leading to stress anxiety depression then ultimately suicide. A suicide, committed by any sex is one to many so the more we talk about our emotions the better.

I have a beautiful wife Sally, have a daughter Stephanie 28, son Connor 25, and a granddaughter Delilah 2, and grandson Fletcher 1, and I am almost 50!